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★ NY Licorice Ensemble★

NY Licorice Ensemble was founded by Ayako Oshima, a clarinetist based in New York City. All the members studied in New York with the celebrated clarinetist, Charles Neidich, who is Ayako’s husband. NY Licorice Ensemble is truly an international group; four of its members currently live in the United States: Michiyo Suzuki, Akari Yamamoto, Yumi Ito and Ayako Oshima, while Ikuko Suzuki, Noriko Nagao, Fumie Endo, Nozomi Ueda, Kayako Ohashi, Hiroko Muzuguchi, Ikuko Tsukamoto, Fusayo Oike and Hiromi Nishida live in Japan. They are all active professional performers and teachers. While NY Licorice may well be the first professional clarinet choir consisting entirely of women, it is certainly one of very few non-student clarinet ensembles consisting entirely of players who studied with the same teacher, a fact which must be partly responsible for the extraordinary blend and matched color of the group.